CE Walks + Rides to School Campaign

CE Walks + Rides to School Campaign

Cape Elizabeth Schools May 17 – June 15, 2021

Getting Our Learners Back to School Together Safely

Why Walk & Bike to and from School This Spring
  • It’s HELPFUL! Bus capacity is limited. Every family that walks or bikes to school will help ease school car traffic.*
  • It’s FUN! What better way to start and end your school day than outdoors? Gray day? No problem — just pack boots and a raincoat in case you need them. The puddles will be waiting for you!
  • It’s HEALTHY! Walking, biking, scooting, or wheeling to school all start the day off with great exercise for kids and adults!
  • It’s DOABLE, no matter where you live! If you live in a neighborhood close to school, get together with neighbors to make a safe walking school bus plan. If you live further, use a Park and Walk & Bike location! See below for details.

*If you’ve signed up to use the bus this year, use it! This also limits car traffic at our schools. 

How To Walk & Bike to and from School This Spring
Option #1: Walking / Biking School Bus

Neighborhoods and families who live close to school can organize a walking or biking school bus via town roads or CELT trails!

The Robinson Woods Pond Trail will have signs leading walkers or bikers to town center for anyone coming from that direction.

Live too far away? Team up with a friend by parking at their home and joining their walking/biking school bus!

Check out this video explaining the Maine Walking School Bus Program.

Option #2 Park and Walk & Bike

We’ve teamed up with local organizations to mark Park and Walk & Bike locations near our schools. Families who live farther away can park and travel to school from:

  • Gull Crest Fields (CELT is partnering with us to label a nature trail from Gull Crest fields to our schools!)
  • Town Hall Parking Lot
  • Lions Field Parking
  • The IGA Parking Lot (Please leave the first 2 parking rows for IGA customers)
  • CE High School Senior Lot (after 5/24)
  • United Methodist Church on Route 77 (Please leave 1st parking row for day care parking)

Look for Walk & Bike signs along the way!

Drop Off and Dismissal Information

  • Please refer to school drop off and dismissal times communicated by principals. 
  • Walkers and bikers MUST approach and leave school from Scott Dyer Road or the Gull Crest trail. If you are traveling from the IGA, Town Hall, or Senior Parking Park and Walk & Bike lots, please walk to and from school property via the Scott Dyer Road entrance and sidewalk. 
  • DO NOT enter Jordan Way (near the Police/Fire Station and the bus circle).
  • If bike storage needs exceed bike rack capacity, bikes can be locked to the chain link fences at the MS basketball courts or MS baseball field. The school department suggests students lock their bikes and store their helmets in their lockers.
  • May 13/14 are great days to do a trial run of your new walk/bike to school plan!

Drop Off and Dismissal Map

Trail Map Created by Cape Elizabeth Land Trust
Thank you Philip Mathieu, Education and Stewardship Coordinator, Cape Elizabeth Land Trust (CELT), for creating this trail map! Download as PDF for printing.

For More Info

Thank you for joining this community effort supported by Cape Elizabeth Schools, The Cape Elizabeth Police Department, The Pond Cove Playground Committee, The PCPA, MSPA, and HSPA, and Cape Elizabeth Land Trust! 

For more information, contact info.pondcoveplayground@gmail.com