Project Plans

New Pond Cove Playground Feature List


  • Natural Free Play Area & Extended Outdoor Learning
  • Outdoor Classroom with raised garden beds, Willow Teepee, Fruit Trees and picnic tables 
  • Irrigation Plan
  • Bird & Butterfly Learning Garden
  • Gazebo 

Little Adventureland

  • K-2 Adventure Play Area, ADA Compliant Fixture, Swings
  • Wood Fort Play Fixture
  • New Wood Play Fort Fixture
  • Paths
  • Climbing Equipment
  • Low Bridge
  • Planting Areas
  • Low Bench
  • Sand + Boat Play Area
  • Boat Play Fixture
  • Climbing Equipment
  • Paths
  • Sand
  • Landscaping
  • New Swings
  • (3) 3-Bay Swing Sectionals
  • Hillside Slide
  • Stone Steps
  • Omni Spinner (ADA compliant)

Big Adventureland

  • Grades 3-4 Adventure Play Area
  • Tree Fort
  • Basketball Court Update
  • New Natural Large Play Fixture
  • New Playground Fixture
  • Tunnel
  • Sand
  • Steep Hill Edging + Landscaping
  • Rope
  • Hanging Surface
  • Greenspace
  • Grassy Field for Open Play
  • Fine Grass + Grass Seed
  • Log Balance Nature Play
  • Grassy Hills
  • Breezeway Playspace
  • Concrete Ping Pong Table
  • Chalkboard Mural Wall Space
  • Pavement Four Square
  • Sitting Fence
  • Climbing Wood Shelter Fixture

Accessibility & Inclusive Design Elements

Safe and engaging outdoor play is beneficial for ALL children. An accessible playground with features attuned to students’ various physical, cognitive and social-emotional needs will be an asset to the entire community. The new design includes:

  • Paths and ground surfaces that will be safely navigable for students of various physical, cognitive, and visual abilities
  • Specialized equipment that is both accessible to children who use wheelchairs and other mobility supports and appealing to all students to encourage inclusive play
  • Opportunities for students to get sensory input from activities like hanging, swinging, spinning, and playing with natural materials, which is especially important for those with sensory challenges
  • Quieter, tucked-away spaces for students who thrive in smaller groups or simply enjoy getting lost in their exploration of nature or imaginative games