About Us

Our Mission

Let’s Play!

Outdoor play boosts creativity, helps with problem solving and mental focus, and promotes collaborative social play. Our mission is to support the creation and maintenance of a new playground for safe, accessible, open-ended play.


Pond Cove Elementary Students + Town Playground Visitors

The Pond Cove Playground will serve Pond Cove Elementary School students, Kindergarten through 4th grade, multiple times a day. All students enjoy 1-2 recess breaks per day. Additional visits will be made seasonally by every grade to enhance science curricula with extended outdoor observation and learning.

The Pond Cove Playground is located in the heart of Cape Elizabeth’s town center, between the Thomas Memorial Library and the Pond Cove Elementary School, with access from both buildings. Beyond use during the school day, the playground will be enjoyed by town families and visitors on weeknights, weekends, holiday breaks, and during summer vacations. 

Project Team & Committee

Dedicated community members working together

Pond Cove Staff

Jason Manjourides, Principal
Erin Taylor, School Nurse
Tara Bucci, Teacher
Heather Kennedy, Teacher
Julie Robbins, Teacher

Community Partners

Todd R. Ketcham, Esq.
Fisher Green Creative, Marketing Services Firm


Sashie Misner, Maine Licensed Landscape Architect

Trained as a landscape architect, Sashie has worked with children’s environments for the past 12 years. Sashie has an innovative approach to designing for play which is based on child development research and her love for the European approach to play spaces. She challenges the typical perception of play environments and is an advocate for play.

Committee Members

Board of Directors:
Meredith Beauregard
Lauren Glennon
Kristina Justh
Jessica Morel

Committee Members:
Shannon Auritt
Lindsay Barrett
John Beauregard
Elizabeth Brownell
Sara Closson
Shea Cusick
Monica Eguren
Sarah Saffer Estes
Todd Forsyth
Steve Green
Jenny Green
Kevin Justh
Andrea Klayman
Neil Martelle
Amy McAuliffe
Tasha Novak
Brooke Pidhajecky
Patrick Rockefeller
Bradley Russell
Phil Saucier
Erin Schwarz
Nicole Tammaro
Mitch Wacksman

The Pond Cove Playground Committee is a Maine non-profit corporation founded to lead the Operation Rebuild: Learn, Play, Grow Outside! Campaign. The Committee is recognized as a tax-exempt public charity under IRC section 501(c)(3).